What's Happening

Auke Bay Alaska Marine Wildlife Extravaganza Science Film
We are creating a “community crowd source” film which shows the dramatic “Wild Kingdom of Auke Bay”, while explaining some of the foodweb and oceanographic science underlying the episode.

Under Alaskan Seas Expeditions, a student deep ocean science initiative launches on 50 year anniversary of submarine Trieste desent into Challenger Deep (10,617 meters 23 January 1960).


Alaska Deep Ocean Science Institute

Our Mission

The Alaska Deep Ocean Science Institute is dedicated to advancing deep-sea research, education and exploration of marine ecosystems in Alaska. Through scientific rigor and engagement of Alaska’s coastal students and communities, we wish to promote exploration of physical and biological processes at play in the Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea, Chukchi Sea, Beaufort Sea and Arctic waters off of our shores. Ocean science camps and school-linked programs will be conducted to maximize student hands on science and technical training infused with Western and Alaska Native knowledge systems to maximize academic thinking and job skill development in the context of rugged the Alaskan marine environment.

For more information Email us at info@alaskadeepocean.com.